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cm lodestar shopstar electric chain hoist lodestar xl electric chain hoist
powerstar electric chain hoist

CM Lodestar
(1/8 - 3 Tons)

railstar universal motor driven trolley overhead bridge crane remote control system  

Railstar Universal
Motor Driven Trolley
(1/8 - 3 Tons)



shopair air chain hoist manipulator hoist Air hoist


cyclone hand chain hoist army type trolley hoist cyclone low headroom trolley cm hurricane hand chain hoist

Series 646
Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist
(1/4 - 10 Ton)

oil field puller short handle puller puller lever tool
screwlok clamps and trolleys

Oil Field Puller
(3/4 - 1 1/2)

mini ratchet lever hoist hand chain hoist hand chain hoist spark resistant
army type trolley hoist

Series 603/602 Mini
Ratchet Lever Hoist
(1/4 - 1/2 Ton)

army type trolley hoists hand chain hoist  

Series USA Army Type
Trolley Hoists - Spark &
Corrosion Resistant
(1/4 - 6 Ton)

Series 622 Economy
Hand Chain Hoist
(1/2 - 10 Ton)

Bandit Ratchet
Lever Hoist


railstar universal motor driven trolley screwlok clamps and trolleys close radius trolley  

Railstar Universal
Motor Driven Trolley
(1/8 - 3 Tons)

Screwlok Clamps
and Trolleys

Series 632
Close Radius Trolley



CTP Adjustable Trolley



vertical plate clamp hinged universal clamp model cy hinged universal clamps high grip universal clamp

Model CZ92
Vertical Plate
Clamps (Universal)

Model CX
Hinged Universal

Model CY
Hinged Universal

grip clamp rolled section clamps heavy duty girder clamp

Model LJ
Gentle Grip Clamp

Model CT
Rolled Section Clamps
Heavy Duty

Model CG
Heavy Duty
Girder Clamp

girder stacking clamp horixontal girder clamp horizontal plate clamp horizontal plate clamp with lock

Model GS
Girder Stacking Clamp

Model TTG
Horizontal Girder

Model CH & HH
Heavy Duty Horizontal
Plate Clamps

horizontal thin sheet clamps screwlok clamps twin screwlok clamp  

Model THK
Horizontal Thin
Sheet Clamps

Model SC92
Screwlok Clamps
Shackle Suspension

Model SC92T
Twin Screwlok
Clamps Type


Our company is a broad line distributor of Material Handling Equipment such as CM-Columbus McKinnon Hoists, Electric Chain
Hoists, Hand Chain Hoist, and Lodestar. In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in Shopair Air Chain Hoist,
Air Hoists, Chain Hoist, CM Hurricane, CM Hoist, CM Cyclone, Electric Hoists, Puller, Lever Tool, Max Air Balancer, Powerstar,
Shopstar, Trolley, and TMM-140.
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