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The Navigator

Special purpose ladder under ANSI 14.7
Ideal for retail environments that are looking for a safer alternative to A-Frame ladders.
Specifically designed to provide easy access to narrow aisles and tight spaces. A safer option to “A” frame ladders,
the Navigator includes handrails and a more gradual climbing slope. The weight actuated lockstep gives the ladder a
very secure feel when climbing. Can reduce accidents and worker’s compensation claims.
• Available 7-10 Steps
• Standard or folding side rails
• All Direction design
• 450 lbs. capacity
• Abrasive mat tread, other treads available
• Patented weight activated lockstep is standard
• 14” Deep Top Step
• Gray powder coat finish
• Ships unassembled and boxed, available assembled
• Meets OSHA and ANSI
• CAL OSHA available
The Navigator and its small base are designed to give an associate the ability to
access stock in the most challenging areas. The Navigator and its All Directional
design can be seen moving in and out of tight aisle areas and being utilized throughout
a day in multiple areas of a stock or store room. Associates will love the easy
maneuverability, the extra support of the top handrails, the strong side rails and the
comfort of the deep top step. The Patented Weight Actuated Lock Step will be a
must for safety conscious employers. The Patented Weight Actuated Lock Step
prevents utilization of the ladder while in the rolling position.
Navigator worker showing clearance
Navigator worker
moving hospital
Navigator Back Base Navigator Back Angle

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Steps Including
Top Step
Top Step
Overall Height
Model #
Base W x L
The Navigator with Standard Fixed Rails
 26 x 51  
 26 x 57  
 26 x 63  
 26 x 69  
The Navigator with Folding Side Rails
 26 x 63  
 26 x 69  
skid plate Rear Exit or Side Exit Available
• Handrails must be welded in place
• 28" deep top step required for Side Exit
• Not available on ladders with spring
   loaded casters
Part # Description Number per Set Price
*PR-2 2" Replacement Casters Sets 4
*PR-3 3" Replacement Caster Sets 4
PS Replacement Springs 4
PTHDS Replacement Rubber Tips 4
SBR-4 4" Replacement Casters Sets 4
FW-2 10" Rubber Wheels 2
2.5" Donut Style Pads
*Must specify # of steps and width (Set includes casters, springs, rubber tips and hardware)
*1-5 Step Spring Loaded Caster ladders require PR-2, 6-7 PR-3.
Colors Item # 1-4 Step* 5-8 Step 9-15 Step
Gray STD Price Price Price
Black BL* NC NC NC
*1-4 step ladders, non-gray, will ship All Welded, contact us for pricing
on other colors.
Call to Order Items Below
All ladders ship flat - set-up available
2 - 7 step ladders Setup
$72.00 Per ladder
8 - 12 step ladders Setup
$108.00 Per ladder
21" deep top step 
28" deep top step 
Wooded Skid
$110.00 Standard on
13-15 step ladder
Rear Exit
Side exit; must have 28" DTS
Employee Only Sign
Skid plate on legs. Replaces rubber feet
Fold Down rails (4 steps and above)*
All-Welded 1-7 steps*
CAL OSHA 6-9 steps
CAL OSHA 10-15 steps
*Avaliable on ladders with 14" Deep Top Steps Only.
The Navigator, All Direction Ladders, Rolling Ladders, A-Frame Ladders, Mobile Stairs, Moves in and out of tight aisle areas, Patented Weight Actuated Lock Step, Standard Locked Rails, 450 lbs Capacity, 14" Deep Top Step, and Footpedal Activated Lockstep from your source for material handling equipment.

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