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Ring Floor-Mount Turntable
The Ring Floor-Mount Turntable (RFT) is a two piece portable
turntable that consists of an inner ring studded with anti-friction
bearings and an outer ring which sits over it. It is ideal for manual
pallet loading and unload as it allows workers to access all sides
from a single location.
Ring Floor Mount Turntable
The 43 5/8" diameter accepts a wide variety of pallet sizes and configurations weighing up to 4,400 lbs. With a total weight of
just 70 lbs. the RFT can be easily relocated. It can even be
mounted on a fixed height platform.
lightweight - easy to relocate whereever it's needed
The Ring Floor-Mount Turntable must be fed by a fork lift or
stacker. For a hand pallet truck accessible turntable see the
Low-Profile Turntable below.
• 4,400 lb. capacity
• 43 5/8' Diameter
• 2 1/8" Lowered Height
• Weight 70 lbs.
Low-Profile/Roll-On Turntable
Low Profile Roll On Turntable The Low-Profile Turntable - LPT - sits only 7/8" above the floor and
has a high tapererd edge that allows hand pallet trucks to roll up onto
it and place or remove a pallet. Workers can easily rotate pallets so
that they are always loading or unloading from the nearside - eliminating
the need to walk around pallets while carrrying heavy loads. The 43 5/8"
disc turntable can handle loads of up to 4,000 lbs. and can be locked
when not in use.
No lagging is required so this low profile disc turtnable can be moved to different locations.
• For use with a hand pallet truck
• 4,000 lb. capacity
• Lowered Height: 7/8"
• Turntable Diamater 43 5/8"
• Overall Diameter 45 5/8"
• Weight: 250 lbs.
sits directly on the floor, no lagging required

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Stand Alone Pallet Turntable Prices
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2 1/8"
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48 5/8"
250 lbs
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