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Available in a number of configurations, the Tri-Side safety
gate is engineered to reduce the potential for accidents
associated with pallet drop areas on mezzanine levels. The
dual-system gate creates a completely enclosed workstation
providing protection for the worker during loading and off-
loading operations. When the U-shaped rear gate is lifted
up allowing access to the workstation, the ledge gate auto-
matically closes, ensuring there is always a gate between
the operator and the ledge.
The Tri-Side safety gate is designed for applications in which
the pallet drop area is integrated with conveyors, walkways
or other obstructions, as well as platform extensions on
Ideal for providing safe environments in doorways, the
Tri-Side can be designed in a compact model, allowing
it to extend out through a doorway or into a mezzanine
area. The Tri-Side safety gate can also be configured
into a rack supported model, integrating with any
manufacturer’s rack structures, to secure picking bays
in a multi-level pick module.
• High-use chain and sprocket drive system
• Kick plates on gates and sides
• Designed for areas with limited depth
• Meet OSHA, IBC and ANSI standards
• Manual or power operation
• Available in powder coated mild or electro-polished
   stainless steel

The ergonomically controlled Tri-Side safety gate does not impede upon the depth of the mezzanine
platform, taking up only fourteen inches when the ledge gate is closed. The unit does not have fixed side
rails, allowing the pallet to be picked from the sides.

A. Clearance Height
B. Drop Area Width
C. Drop Area Depth
D. Overall Width
E. Overall Depth
F. Overall Height

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Model Clearance
Height (A)
Drop Area
Width (B)
Drop Area
Depth (C)
Width (D)
Depth (E)
Height (F)
82" 60" 60" 64" 64" 125"
Power Unit .............................................................................................. Add $2,479.00
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