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recycled plastic picnic tables
The table top and seats are made from high-density Polyethylene material derived from post consumer bottle waste,
resulting in a product that is more than 90% recycled. Available with or without umbrella. (See below for umbrella
recycled plastic picnic tables
Available frame paint colors: Brown and Green

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14S Series
4' Recycled Plastic 121
6' recycled Plastic 173
8' Recycled Plastic 200
11S Series
11S-PL5 5' Recycled Plastic 115
11S-PL6 6' recycled Plastic 125
11S-PL8 8' Recycled Plastic 147
158 Series
158-PL5 5' Recycled Plastic 188
158-PL6 6' recycled Plastic 212
158-PL8 8' Recycled Plastic 260
238 Series
238-PL5 5' Recycled Plastic 221
238-PL6 6' recycled Plastic 245
238-PL8 8' Recycled Plastic 293
Staining Lumber per foot of table length
Drilling of Lumber per kit

one piece welded picnic tables Why professionals in the industry
choose our picnic tables...
one-piece welded end frame
slides easily for mowing
won't tip when just one side is being used
center channel for a flatter, stronger top
walk-in design
rust resistant paint or hot dipped galvanized
no pipe sticking out in back of seat
dimensions: seat to seat 61", top height 27",
    seat height 17"
all fasteners galvanized
four different strengths to meet your needs:
Our 14 series frames are ideal for campgrounds, resorts, RV parks, picnic groves and other areas
that are semi supervised. They have all of the features listed on the prior page. The frames are
constructed with 14 gauge 1 1/2” OD steel tubing with 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” x 1/8” steel angle iron for
the top and seat supports.
Our 11S series frames are ideal for heavy duty service such as public parks and unsupervised areas.
The frames are constructed with 11 gauge 1 1/2” OD steel tubing with 1 3/4” x 1 3/4” x 3/16” steel
angle iron for the top and seat supports.
Our 158 series frames are nicknamed “Mini Monster”. They are a little tougher than the 11S because
they are made from steel pipe instead of steel tubing. This would be the option if you are looking for a
little more weight & strength in public areas. The frames are constructed with 1 5/8” OD schedule 40
steel pipe with 2” x 2” x 3/16” steel angle iron for the top and seat supports.
Our 238 series frames are nicknamed “Monster”. This would be your choice if you are looking for
more strength and weight. The frames are constructed with 2 3/8” OD schedule 40 steel pipe with
3” x 3” x 3/16” steel angle iron for top and seat supports which gives it a don’t mess with me attitude.
Professionals in the leisure industry choose our tables for good reason...
DESIGN FEATURES: Our tables have the convenient
"walk-in" design with nothing to step over, yet seats are
attached so there's no tipping. They slide easily for
mowing. The legs do not stick out behind the seats for
people to trip over.
"CENTER CHANNEL": Most other tables don't
have it. Our unique center channel ties in the three-board
top to resist warpage, resulting in a flatter, stronger
tabletop. The braces from the end frames attach to the
center channel for added strength. Our "WOC" ("without
channel") models have smaller braces attached to the
lumber like other tables.
CONSTRUCTION: We don't send you a "pile of parts".
Instead we send a one-piece welded end frame. With
some other tables you bolt the end frame together. Ours
is welded together, solid, sturdy and built to last.
FASTENERS: Self-tapping lag screws are standard-no
match drilling of lumber, no holes in lumber for water to
accumulate. Carriage bolts are optional. All fasteners are
galvanized and included in the price of the frames.
MATERIALS: We use the finest materials, not seconds
or reject or "thin wall" but "prime grade" hot-roll steel.
Brown or green are standard paint finish colors. Other
colors are available.
LUMBER: We sell our framework with or without
lumber. If you want our lumber, we offer a #1 Southern
yellow pine, kiln dried. We precision cut it and round off
the saw cuts. Our tables require five 2 x 10's (three for
the top and one for each seat). Staining with redwood
or walnut preservative is available, or ACQ pressure
treated. Aluminum & Recycled Plastic is also available
in place of lumber.
GALVANIZING: is also available for those that want
a rust-free, maintenance-free framework. All galvanizing
is done after fabrication for maximum protection. The
hot-dip galvanizing ("HG") is a tougher, thicker finish
protecting both the inside and outside of the framework
(recommended under severe rusting conditions).
WARRANTY: 3 year limited warranty on all parts
against failure due to corrosion/natural deterioration or
manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include
any cosmetic issues or wear and tear from normal use.
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