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For tough loading and unloading applications, the NTL rigid,
drive-out extendable conveyor system is the perfect solution.
With its heavy-duty, all-steel construction and oversize
wheels, NTL is built to withstand contact in high-forklift-
traffic areas.
Powered belt, gravity roller and minimum pressure
accumulation make the NTL ideal for trailer applications
from 20-55 feet, including distribution centers, parcel/postal
facilities, food/grocery applications and third-party logistics.
PRICE: $72,573.00
Other lengths and widths priced upon request.
The photo eye flow-control system properly controls package
feed to ensure that packages are always present with minimal
backpressure, maximizing operator productivity.
With NTL, loading and unloading operations are fast, safe
and easy. Controls conveniently located on the front of the
boom include belt start/stop buttons, extend/retract buttons,
emergency stop, pullout tray brake, extension stop bar, and
the optional fan and manual or power steering. The unit's
VFD system can flow product at rates up to 150 feet per

Optional side rails give you even greater control and reduce
the need for operator supervision during accumulation
operations. With the gravity pull out tray or the fixed gravity
discharge ends on the NTL and all the other options, there
is a NTL version that is right for you.
Standard Features and Options
Load capacity
50 pounds per linear foot.
Belt speed
Variable belt speed from 60-150 feet per minute.

Extension speed
Unit extension rate of 60 feet per minute.

Conveyor belt width
18", 24" and 30" wide durable PVC belt.

Top of belt height
35" belt height measured from the ground.

Boom extension
Gear motor.

• Gravity roller or skate wheel bed
• Minimum pressure-accumulation rolled bed
• 10-foot front-boom gravity roller section
• Flow control (photo eye or paddle roller)
• Traveling raised belt transfer
• Incline/decline conveyor
• Fan system
• Herringbone transition
• Front lights
• Manual or power steering
• Custom operator controls
Discharge height
Optimal 31" from the ground.

Conveyor base length
Vary from 20-55 feet.

Rubber tires
Foam-filled tires never go flat and easily roll over
uneven floors, dock levelers and debris.

One-year factory warranty.
Belt only
2-ply PVC

Gravity skate wheel
1 5/16" steel wheels on 3" or 4" axle centers.

Belt with pop-up safety roller
2-ply PVC with 1/9" galvanized rollers.

Minimum pressure-powered accumulation rollers
1.9" galvanized rollers on 3" or 2.25" axle centers
Gravity roller
1.9" or 1.375" galvanized rollers on 3" or 2.25" axle centers.
Drive Out Extendable Conveyor, Powered Belt Conveyor, NestaFlex, Accumulating Conveyor, Powered Extension, Power Conveyor,
Gravity Conveyor, Gravity Rollers, Gravity Trailer Loader, and Gravity Truck Loader from your source for material handling

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