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black mail chest green mail chest silver mail chest white mail chest
Model #4350 - Black
Bolt Mounted
Pedestal #4365
Model #4350 - Green
Bolt Mounted
Pedestal #4365
Model #4350 - Silver
in-ground Mounted
Pedestal #4385
Model #4350 - White
in-ground Mounted
Pedestal #4385
news holders newspaper holders aluminum newpaper holders newspaper holder
Newspaper Holders
Model #4315 - Black
Newspaper Holders
Model #4315 - Green
Newspaper Holders
Model #4315 - Silver
Newspaper Holders
Model #4315 - White
Made entirely of aluminum, the USPS Approved
4300 series mail chests feature both a front and rear
access locking door. Mail is deposited through a non-
locking access panel on the front. Each unit includes
an outgoing mail tray, a lock with two (2) keys on
each door (keyed alike) and an adjustable red signal
flag. Units are available in a powder coated black,
green, silver or white finish. Mail chests can be mounted
on the optional bolt mounted (#4365) or in-ground
mounted (#4385) aluminum pedestals or a base of your
choice. Mail chests can also be mounted in columns,
masonry or walls. Newspaper holders (#4315) and
non-locking thumb latches (#4388) are available as
options upon request. Mail chests are approved for
USPS Curbside mail delivery. Master postal lock
not required.
Made of heavy duty aluminum, the newspaper holders
are a unique option for mail chests. Each unit has a solid
back and includes mounting hardware to easily attach
to the bottom of mail chests and to the top of pedestals
and spreaders. Newspaper holders feature a durable
powder coated finish available in four (4) contemporary
mail chest mount in bricks
Rear view of (#4350)
mounted in a column

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mailbox spreader
3 wide mail chests SPREADERS
Made of heavy duty aluminum,
the spreaders are an ideal way to
mount multiple mail chests to
pedestals. Optional two (2) wide
(#4382) and three (3) wide (#4383)
spreaders easily attach to standard
pedestals (#4365 and #4385).
#4382 on a pedestal
(#4365) displayed
(3) #4350’s on a three (3) wide spreader
(#4383) attached to a bolt mounted pedestal
(#4365) with custom numbers / letters displayed
thumb lock
(Contact us to order)
8-1/2'' W x 2'' H custom engraved
self-adhesive placards are available
as an option upon request.
(#4367 - Price: $20.25)
A non-locking thumb latch is
available as an option upon
(#4388 - Price: $20.25)
Made of heavy duty aluminum, mail chest replacement signal
flags have a durable powder coated red finish and include
stainless steel mounting hardware.
#4316 Replacement Flag
• 2-3/4'' W x 8'' H x 1/4'' D
• 1 lb.
Price: $13.50
all alumunim

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Model No.
Top & Base
Mail Chest - front and rear access
14-3/8" W x 17-1/4" H x 23" D
30 lbs
Newspaper Holder
10-1/4" W x 5" H x 12-1/4" D
10 lbs
Pedestal - bolt mounted
3-1/2" W x 32" H x 3-1/2" D
6" W x 12" D
15 lbs
Pedestal - in-ground mounted
3-1/2" W x 48" H x 3-1/2" D
6" W x 12" D
20 lbs
Spreader - 2 wide
34" W x 9" D
10 lbs
Spreader - 3 wide
55" W x 9" D
15 lbs
Lock set - (2) standard replacement locks
(keyed alike) - with (2) keys each
Pedestal mounting kit - (4) anchor (J) bolts
- for new concrete installation
3 lbs
Mail Chests, Mail Box, Newspaper Holders, Aluminum Mail Chests, USPS Approved, Rear and Front Access, Locking Mail
Chests, Secure Mail Chests, and Adjustable Red Signal Flag from your source for material handling equipment.

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