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solid shipping & storage containers vented shipping & storage containers
KitBin containers make a good idea...the knock-down container...a great idea. That’s because the patented KitBin
design allows all walls to be completely detached from the pallet. And the result is a container that saves even more
space, time, and money than folding containers. Here’s how.
shipping & storage containers
• Four disassembled containers fit into one KitBin with the pallet bases nested on top. That
means five KitBins can fit into the footprint of one. It means you save up to 75% of trailer or
storage space compared to solid wall containers, up to 30% greater space savings compared
to folding designs.
• KitBin panels are interchangeable and can be replaced one-at-a-time if damaged. You cut
replacement and inventory costs...and never risk downtime from a lack of container inventory.
• Removable walls provide easy access for loading and unloading. You increase productivity
and improve ergonomics for pick-and-pull operations.
The superior space-saving design is the heart of the KitBin story. But it’s also just the start
of the KitBin story. Also consider the many other quality and convenience features.
Engineered for long life and ease of use

• Engineered from maintenance-free, high-impact resistant HDPE structural foam for the highest strength-to-weight
   ratio and easy handling.
• Patented locking design provides strength approaching solid one-piece units. Makes KitBin appropriate for
   applications involving loads up to 1,320 lbs (600 kg).
• Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and product protection. No splinters, rust or paint chips.
• Extreme temperature resistance—temperatures from +140° F to –40° F (+60° C to -40° C). Resists UV

• Solid wall and vented wall options. Vented wall allows hydrocooling to prevent
   mold or bacteria growth.
• Panels are interchangeable and can be replaced individually. Cuts replacement
   and inventory costs.
• Four-way forklift entry.
• Stackable: up to six units high.
• Completely recyclable.
• Pallet can be used separately.
shipping & storage containers
• Meets USDA standards for direct food contact in agricultural and food processing applications.

Easy a single less than a minute
1. Insert sidewall panels into pallet base. 2. Align sidewalls so that interlocking
mechanisms can be engaged.
shipping & storage containers shipping & storage containers
shipping & storage containers shipping & storage containers
Sidewall panels
interlock into base
to ensure
structural integrity.
Push extended
locking post down
to secure interlock
shipping & storage containers
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for other walls
shipping & storage containers
shipping & storage containers
To disassemble, press
release latch and pull
up on locking post.
shipping & storage containers
Dimensions Dimensions in inches
Pallet 48 x 40
Side Panels 48 x 28
40 x 28
External Dimensions 48 x 40 x 28
Internal Dimensions 44 x 36 x 233
Weights & Capacities U. S. (English Units)
Tare Weight (empty) 84 lbs
Maximum Load 1,320 lbs
shipping & storage containers
Maximum Stacking Load 6,600 lbs
Internal Volume  
Cubic Feet
Call for pricing on customizing any of our containers to include:
• Stackable wheels • Removable doors • Reinforced runners
• Drainage ports and Valves • USDA plugs • Openings on sidewalls
• Straps • Locks and hinges • Special dimensions
KitBin Container with Optional Lid
Lid Dim.: 48 x 40 x 3 Weight: 11 lbs

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Model No. Description Truckload Prices
Solid Gray
215 lbs
Vented Gray
215 lbs
500050-110 Lid, White - $100.00
Kitbin Shipping and Storage Containers, Plastic Storage Bin, Plastic Bulk Containers, Plastic Bulk Bin, Bulk Tote Boxes,
Stackable, Polyethylene, Recyclable, and meets USDA Standards from your source for material handling equipment.

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