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710 and 711 SERIES

Drum Heaters and Pail PRO™ 5-Gallon Pail Heaters
Heat the contents of steel, plastic or fiber drums 115V and 230V Drum Heaters
Heaters are moisture and chemical resistant
Our drum heaters provide heating power over a 4” wide band
around your drum.
Heat a 55, 30 or 15-gallon drum
   (208, 114 or 57 liter drum)
Drum Heaters for Steel Drum or Pail
with 50° to 425°F (10° to 218°C)
Even heat a 5-gallon (19 liter) pail
Melt or preheat process ingredients
• 55-Gallon (208 liter) drum:
   1500 watt
Control viscosity
• 30-Gallon (114 liter) drum:
   1000 watt
Promote dissolution
Speed liquid flow
• 15-Gallon (57 liter) drum:
   700 watt
Reduce residue in drum
Speed chemical action
5-Gallon (19 liter) pail:
  550 watt
Protect against freezing
Drum Heaters for Plastic or Fiber Drum
or Pail with 50° to 160° (10° to 71°C)
CE marked for sale in Europe
Our flexible drum heaters provide a simple,
effective and reliable way to heat the
contents of your drums. A drum heater is
available for almost any steel, plastic or
fiber drum. . . even heaters for metal
and plastic 5-gallon pails.
• 55-Gallon (208 liter) drum:
   300 watt
To attach to your drum, simply wrap the
drum heater around and attach the spring
and hook arrangement. Because these
heaters are pliable, they conform to the
wall of the drum. Though quick to fasten,
they assure thorough band contact for
effective heat transfer through the drum
wall to the material inside. They are more
flexible than metal band heaters, and there-
fore able to conform to the drum’s surface
to transfer heat more effectively.
•30-Gallon (114 liter) drum:
   250 watt
• 15-Gallon (57 liter) drum:
   200 watt
5-Gallon (19 liter) pail:
  150 watt
Heaters for metal drums have an adjustable
thermostat for a control range of 50° to
425°F (10° to 218°C). Heaters for plastic
and fiber drums have a 50° to 160°F
(10° to 71°C) thermostat.
Properly positioned below the content level of the
drum, the drum heater provides uniform heat. Two
or more drum heaters may be used on the same
drum for faster warming.
Our band drum heaters are made of tough, long lasting,
fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber. They are easy to
keep clean because few chemicals will stick to
silicone rubber.
Typical Applications
• Maintain liquid temperatures in
   water purification systems
• Keep resin at optimum temperature
Control viscosity of chemical
   binder in sand casting mold
Protect materials vulnerable
   to freeze damage
Corn syrup
Fuel oils
Liquid sugar/
Lubricating oils
Mineral oil
Vegetable oils
Note: Excessive heat may be harmful to
some materials.
Easy to attach heater to drum
Simply wrap the heater around your drum and
attach the spring and hook arrangement. Always
clamp the drum heater around drum prior to
plugging in.
Estimate the time required to reach a set temperature
Step 1 - Subtract your drum’s starting temperature from the
desired temperature. This difference is the necessary
“Temperature rise from ambient.”
drum heaters
Step 2 - Find where the curve reaches the necessary RISE value
and read the corresponding number of HOURS on the scale at
bottom of the graph.
Example - You have 14 hours until the drum needs to be at
150° F (66° C). Its starting temperature is 30° F (-1° C).
So you need to a RISE of 120° F (67° C).
The chart shows a RISE of little more than 70° F (39° C) at
14 hours using one drum heater. Use two 1500 watt heaters
to increase the temperature by 120° F (67° C) in only 12 hours.
NOTE: Thermostat knob markings are "relative." Should
you require a higher degree of accuracy, measure the drum
temperature directly and adjust the thermostat accordingly.
Assure that the heater's setting will not exceed maximum
allowable temperature for the contents of your drum.
CAUTION: Drum contents may be hazardous. Some
materials may become more hazardous when heated. Refer
to the Material Safety Data Sheets for the material in your
drums. It is the user's responsibility to take appropriate safety
and protective measures.
Our drum heaters have an adjustable thermostat
with a range of 50° to 425° F (10° to 218° C).
Heaters for plastic and fiber drums have a 50° to
160° F (10° to 71° C) thermostat. You can set
the maximum temperature to automatically be
maintained at the temperature you require.
Our heaters are NOT for use with flammables, and NOT for
"explosion hazard"areas. Excessive heat may be
harmful to some materials.
that ambient air temperature and drum initial temperature
are the same. Graph is based on heater performance with
a drum of water. Performance with other materials
may differ.
Once attached to a drum and plugged in,
the heater will continuously warm the drum
temperature as high as the heater’s thermostat
setting. Then the thermostat will turn the heat
off and on to maintain the temperature. The actual
time it takes to reach the setting is a function of
the necessary temperature rise and other factors
such as the nature of the material, its specific heat,
ambient air temperature, etc.

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Model # Description To Fit
Heaters for Steel Drums
Heater, 15-Gallon Steel, 115V, 700W
14" +/- 1"
3 Lb.
Heater, 15-Gallon Steel, 230V, 700W
14" +/- 1"
3 Lb.
Heater, 55-Gallon Steel, 115V, 1500W
22.5" +/- 1"
4 Lb.
Heater, 55-Gallon Steel, 230V, 1500W
22.5" +/- 1"
4 Lb.
Heater, 30-Gallon Steel, 115V, 1000W
18.25" +/- 1"
3 Lb.
Heater, 30-Gallon Steel, 230V, 1000W
18.25" +/- 1"
3 Lb.
Heaters for your Plastic Drum or Fiber Drum (can also be used on steel drum)
Heater, 55-Gallon Non-Metallic, 115V, 300W
22.5" +/- 1"
3 Lb.
Heater, 55-Gallon Non-Metallic, 230V, 300W
22.5" +/- 1"
3 Lb.
Heater, 15-Gallon Non-Metallic, 115V, 200W
14" +/- 1"
3 Lb.
Heater, 30-Gallon Non-Metallic, 115V, 250W
18.25" +/- 1"
3 Lb.
PailPRO™ Heaters for your 5-Gallon Pail
Heater, 5-Gallon Steel, 115V, 550W 11.25" +/- 1" 2 Lb.
Heater, 5-Gallon Steel, 230V, 550W 11.25" +/- 1" 2 Lb.
Heater, 5-Gallon Non-Metallic, 115V, 150W 11.25" +/- 1" 2 Lb.
Heater, 5-Gallon Non-Metallic, 230V, 150W 11.25" +/- 1" 2 Lb.
Drum Heaters, Heat Drum contents easily & reliably, Heat 55 or 30-Gallon Drums, Heat 5-Gallon Pails, Flexible Drum
Heaters, Steel, Plastic, Fiber Drum, Adjustable Thermostat, Band Drum Heaters, and Drum Heater from your source
for material handling equipment.

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